readings on how to conduct “process-tracing” studies

Beach, Derek, and Rasmus Brun Pedersen. 2013.Process-Tracing Methods: Foundations and Guidelines (AnnArbor, M.I.: University of Michigan Press

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Freedman, David A. 2010. “On Types of Scientific Inquiry:the Role of Qualitative Reasoning,”in Brady and Collier eds., inRethinking Social Inquiries, 2nd ed., pp.221-236.

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Mahoney,James. 2012. “The Logic of Process Tracing Testing in the SocialSciences.” Sociological Methods and Research 41 (4):570–597.

Van Evera (1997), Guide to Methods for Students of PoliticalSciences;George and Bennett(2005), Case Studies and TheoryDevelopment, chaps. 8-11


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