Looking back at Abe Cabinet 2013_kanteijp

A official video reviewing of Abe Cabinet Cabinet.

source: http://www.youtube.com/user/kanteijp?feature=watch
安倍内閣発足1周年-平成25年12月26日 – YouTube
you may find the following keywords:

economy, abenomics, restoration, national security strategy, Japan’s international contributions (PKO and self-defense force), global diplomacy(not ASIAN!!)

* It is interesting that Abe had top-level summits with over 150 countries’ leaders, except China and South Korean…
* In 2013, Abe visited 25 counties, just flying around China, from Russia to south Asian.

—–very productive year for Abe Team,

but it did not mention its big neighbor either yesterday’s visiting at all.

you find no “China” in this official video.


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