electoral system does not decide all_when shall we embrace a two-party system

So, the British premiership system can easily be destroyed while, on the other hand, is not easily obtainable. Remember, on this score, that according to my laws on the effects of electoral systems plurality elections cannot produce a two-party system unless the incorrigible third party electors happen to be dispersed nation-wide at below-plurality levels – indeed a hard condition to meet. Therefore any country who adopts a single-member district system, on the argument that a premiership system of government would follow, may be seriously disappointed. Remember, also, that the winner-take-all system is inadvisable when a polity is polarized and/or characterized by a heterogeneous political culture.

page 104

Comparative Constitutional Engineering: An Inquiry into Structures, Incentives and Outcomes

2nd Edition Giovanni Sartori (1997)

Macmillan Press Ltd.


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