trade policy shifting_WTO to FTA ?

前面提到了美国农业政策的shifting 是来自于doha谈判的失败,而那天有关WTO的贸易谈判中是否会出现新的转机,

各位老师的意见不一。接下来Bali谈判会如何呢? 看到一片有意思的东西。

it is likely that trade policy attention will shift more to mega-regional trade agreements.


As a reaction, many countries, including some in Asia, chose to sign regional trade agreements to reduce trade barriers and improve trade rules.

In the current negotiations in Geneva to prepare the conference, convergence is apparent around three deliverables

First, the G20 group of developing countries has made a proposal to change the tariff-quota administration, which would ensure that quotas are distributed in a more transparent way, facilitating market access for quota-restricted products.

The second deliverable is an agreement on trade facilitation, which would accelerate cross-border trade by increasing transparency, harmonizing customs procedures and improving trade infrastructure.

The third deliverable, based on a proposal by the G33 group of developing countries, would allow governments in developing countries to purchase and stock unlimited food at government-set prices for food-security purposes, without being considered as trade-distorting domestic support in contravention of WTO disciplines.

Agreeing on these deliverables will likely improve trade prospects for Asian countries; however, there are some uncertainties.

Even if the trade effects of the three deliverables might be small, agreeing on a small package in Bali would provide a strong incentive to resume negotiations of key parts of the Doha Development Agenda.

The risk remains high, however, that no agreements will be reached.

So-called mega-regional trade agreements under negotiation by key WTO members, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership or the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, reflect the skepticism felt toward completing the Doha Round.

有种感觉,TTIP的有关金融,保险市场的rules会不会直接在日美的TPP中谈判中出现呢? 日本的资本市场如何应对呢? 果然,公司法少不了美国,欧洲。。。 啊呀呀, 法学家们加油!




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