research notes on party studies-(2)




  1. 西欧等发达国家:继有政党的现状分析

①     政党制度的[冻结假说]和[解冻假说]

Stein Rokkan(1921-1979)

ECPR Europe Consortium For Political Research

Syemour M. Lispset and Stein Rokkan, “cleavage structures, Party systems, and voter Alignments: an introduction” in

Lipset and Rokkan, eds. , Party systems and voter Alignments: Cross-national perspectives. 1967





②     Electoral volatility概念の提示

Mogens N. Pedersn, “changing patterns of electoral volatility in European Party System, 1948-1977: Explorations in Explanations,” in Hans Daalder and Perter Mair,eds.,

Western European Party Systems: continuity and change, 1983.



③     脱編成の概念の提示

Russell J. Dalton, Paul Allen Beck, and Scott C. Flanagan,

electoral change in advanced industrial democracies” in Dalton, Flanigan, and Beck, eds., Electoral change in advanced industrial democracies: realignment and de-alignment, 1984.



④     Cartel party 概念を提示

Peter Mair and Richard S. Katz, “changing models of party organization and party democracy: the emergence of cartel party” in Party Politics, 1995.

P17,p18, p21-22, p25



(ア)  理論や理論展開に不明確な点が多い

(イ)  多くの国に共通する政党タイプなのか、すべての国の政党がそれに向こうモデルなのかが曖昧である。

(ウ)  政策の重要性が無視されている。



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