[book] why institutions matter? _Vivien Lowndes and mark roberts

The new instiutionalism in political science.

Palgrave macmillan. 2013.

  1. rational institutionalism : principal-agent model, developed originally by Heclo and Wildavsky (1974)
  2. historical institutionalism: particularly those who had found a home in institutionalism from classic Marxism, have sought to “bring the state back in ” to political analysis in its role “as rule maker,referee, and enforcer.”  In what we might call their historical institutionalist manifesto, Thelen and Steinmo (1992) developed a conception of institutions to include structures of government, laws and policies, and much broader categories such as social class. 
  3. Sociological institutions: March and Olsen (1989) stress the interrelated nature of what they call “rules and routines” which come as a package i the empirical setting. 

For details refer to 

Heclo H. And Wildavsky A. (1974) The private Govate Govenenment of Public Money: Community and Policy Inside British Politics. (P.G)

Thelen K. And Steinmo S. (1992) “historical institutionalism in comparative politics”, in Structure politics: historical institutionalism in comparative analysis (Cambridge Univ. Press)

March J.G. AND Olsen J.P. (1989) Rediscovering Institutions. (New York: Free Press) 

愁,愁,愁,我的historical institutionalism 如何进行下去呢??



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